7 Best Deals for Startups and Small Businesses in 2022

Are you a businessman, entrepreneur, blogger, or website owner, who is searching for a platform that provides you with amazing deals to start up your business and give a new boost to it?

If yes, then worry no more because we are going to introduce you to a trending platform.

 AppSumo, one of the most leading platforms that provide deals that serve as a good opportunity for small businesses and startups to lay down a strong business foundation using the best SEO and Marketing products in the market.

With AppSumo, you just do not need to worry about renewing your deals because it offers you lifetime software deals. Another benefit of AppSumo is its offer of paying a small amount of the total each year until you can completely pay off the price.


What is AppSumo?

AppSumo offers you digital products that not only offer services but are also based on teaching its users about various skills related to the products so that each user can take the most benefit from the deals. AppSumo offers various kinds of deals related to: 

  • Programming Languages

  •  Project Management

  •  EBooks

  •  Learning Courses

  •  Website Tools

  •  Writing Tools

  •  Email Marketing

  • Project Management 

AppSumo keeps on updating its deals with time, which helps the growing businesses to develop themselves and stand out in the market.

 What are some of the Best Deals on AppSumo?

Although AppSumo is a vast platform that keeps on updating its deals but we are going to talk about the 7 most demanding and best deals for startups and small businesses to help them establish their business professionally and successfully.  

So here are some of the basic features of the 7 best deals of AppSumo:


  1. TabsFolders

Have you ever felt difficulty in saving and organizing your browser's bookmarks? And do you worry about sharing your links, passwords, and other important information about your business with your clients? 

TabsFolders gives you a solution for these problems because it makes it easier for you to save and share your browser research sessions without investing much effort and time.

Features of TabsFolders:

  • It allows dragging and dropping your searched window into specified folders, this helps to save your searched information into respective folders so that you can easily find and share them whenever you want.

  • You can easily rename your tabs so that you can easily know about the information in a particular tab, without needing to open each one and find the right one.

  • The social media platform is a very useful way of advertising your business therefore TabsFolders gives you an opportunity of sharing your tabs on different social media platforms.

  • You can save as many tabs as you want within seconds.

Price of TabsFolders:

The one-time purchase price of TabsFolders is $120 with the following main features.

  • Unlimited Bookmarks

  • Sharing of Tags and Notes

  • Management of Password 

  • Management of Subscription, Customer Login Portal

  • 7 Days “TimeMachine” Backup

  • Adding clients, Team members, and Storage in GB

  • White Label

  • Unlimited Guests 

  1. Topic Mojo

TopicMojo helps you in knowing about the interests of customers and other businesses that are related to keywords you have used.

If you are continuously striving to produce new content, to attract as many customers as you can then this deal is going to help you in doing so.

Features of Topic Mojo:

  • It helps you to know the preferences of your customers because knowing what is the requirement of your customers can help you in improving your site content in a better way and excel your business.

  • It uses a Google analyzer to find out the most searched keywords, phrases, and questions that are much closer and relatable to your keywords.

  • It aids you in creating the content that will help you in marketing.

Price of Topic Mojo:

The onetime purchase price of Topic Mojo starts from $49 with the following features:

  • Custom Domain

  • Shareable Links

  • Complete Export Options(CSV, pdf)

  • Stacks based team seats

  • Roadmap with all languages included

  • Real-time data 

  • SERP, Reddit, and Quora question finder


  1. Nichesss

Finding a profitable niche that targets more audiences is a pretty difficult but very important task because the success of your business greatly depends on your chosen niche. If your niche doesn’t match the latest trends then you might not benefit much from it.

Features of Nichesss:

  • You can easily find trending niches within seconds without putting much effort into the process.

  • It also provides you with every necessary marketing material that you will need to add success to your chosen niche.

  • The Reddit search tool included in this deal enables you in searching subreddits, as it will help you to even modify your chosen niche.

  • Nichesss also creates social media posts, marketing copy, and business ideas for you so that you can have a boost in your startup or small business.

  •  Once you decide about your niche, Nichesss deal helps in doing everything that will take your business to the skies.

Price of Nichesss:

The onetime purchase price of Nichesss starts from $59 with the following features:

  • Unlimited Tokens

  • Copy Generating for AI Marketing

  • Idea Generator for AI

  • Help in writing Newspaper

  • Email subject lines

  • Social media posts creation

  • YouTube video and content ideas related to your niche 


  1. MyFundBox

One of the most interesting parts of a business is getting payments from your customers and clients.

You might consider it an easy-to-go thing but the truth is the opposite because your clients may be paying you in various currencies which can create a problem for you.

The most common issue which comes with this problem is the additional charges which you have to pay frequently with each payment.

My FundBox is a solution to your problem as it helps you and your clients to make smooth payments without the extra charges worry, and processing time.

So if you are thinking about purchasing the best deals for a startup and small business then you must go with this one.

Features of My FundBox:

  • It lets your clients pay with whatever method they want and easily manages subscriptions.

  • You can easily view your analytics with just a click.

  • It offers great ease to subscription-based and nonprofit businesses together with freelancers.

  • My FundBox offers automated one-off recurring subscription payments.

  • Just a few steps to follow and you can have your payment without any hurdle. All you have to do is create a custom pay link with the information of the customer and just send it over.

  • You can set payment intervals, which is going to help you in getting regular payments without worrying about them every time. 

  • Allows your customers to use the 15 most used global payment methods from almost 125 countries.

  • The multi-language feature helps your customers to understand and pay without any frustration.

  • You can easily shift between payment methods whenever you want.


Pricing of My FundBox:

My FundBox offers three payment plans which are as follows.




Price: Starts from $

Price: Starts from $

Price: Starts from $237

Users: 3

Users: 10

Users: 25

  1. Clinked

Running a business comes with many requirements, one of them is to have an easy and secure way through which you can communicate with your clients and talk about your business.

Clinked is one of the best AppSumo deals for startups and small businesses because it allows you to make your own branded portal to communicate with your clients, share important documents and files and collaborate with clients. Although with advancing technology there are many suitable ways available to communicate and share information when you are handling a business, it is very much important to keep yourself and your data secure.

Features of Clinked

  • It provides you with a safe and secure portal to share tasks, documents, conversations, events, and activities.

  • It offers a cloud-based portal so that you can share files, training manuals, presentations, contact lists, and documents of any size you want without worrying about it. Cloud portal also allows setting deadlines and scheduling things so that you can deal with things on time. 

  • You can link your Clinked with other applications to help you organize your things well. LinkedIn, Zapier, AdobeSign, Jotform, and Google Workspace are some of the applications that can be linked and integrated with Clinked.

  • Maintaining a satisfactory user experience for your clients is something really important, and Clinked helps you in this. You can set a customized white-label client portal. Also, you can create an individual portal for every client if you like to work in that way.

  • With Clinked you can have a custom URL for your portal to enhance user experience. 


Pricing of Clincked

You can have three payment plans in Clinked deal, which are as follows:




Price: Starts with $69

Price: Starts with $138

Price: Starts with $207

Members: 15

Members: 30

Members: 45

Storage: 50 GB

Storage: 100 GB

Storage: 150 GB

  1. VidTags

Advertising your startup and small business using videos is a very popular phenomenon because with changing trends, people usually prefer to watch videos more than any other medium.

VidTags give a new hype to your videos using advanced AI technology so that you can impress your viewers. Even if you are a Youtuber who wants to get a huge audience and earn views, watch time, and subscribers, VidTags will help you to gain more views and eventually more earnings.

Features of VidTags

  • Allows you to import video files from different applications like YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, URL, or any other place you want.

  • You can translate your files into more than 35 files within seconds.

  • VidTags allows converting audio to text and text to audio, using AI-powered human-like voice.

  •  You can create an iAToC (interactive actionable table of contents) that helps you in organizing your library well.

  • Your viewers never have any problem understanding your videos because of automatic Language Detector.

Pricing of VidTags

VidTags gives a plus exclusive plan with the following features:

  • One-time price starts with $59.

  • Storage: 100 GB

  • Videos: 1000 

  • Audios: 1000

  • Languages: 35 for video transcribing and translations

  • AI-powered text to speech

  • Language Detector

  • Allows using the personal logo

  • Custom Domains allowed: 10

  • Team Members: 10


  1. Rytr

Blogging and content writing is growing trend that helps you to make money directly or indirectly. No matter you are a professional or a newbie writer, it does take a lot of time and effort to write catchy and influencing content.

Rytr helps you to create efficient content within minutes for your blogs and sites. What else will you need than a helping tool that writes unique and SEO-optimized content for you? 

Features of Rytr:

  • You can create content for social media posts, emails, ads, blogs and more using a professional AI writing assistant tool.

  • It allows you to choose from different content types and tones of voice which you require to be used in your content.

  • It is suitable for bloggers, content writers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.


Pricing of Rytr:

Rytr gives you a onetime purchase plan that starts from $39, and offers the following features:

  • Languages: more than 10

  • Characters: 50,000 per month

  • More than 20 templates and cases were accessed.


Final Words

AppSumo is an increasing and trending site offering various deals that will surely ease the success of startups and small businesses. We have tried to gather the 7 best deals for your startups and small businesses which are going to be very much useful.

We hope that our suggested deals and their features will help you in deciding about the del that will be most beneficial for you.


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