haunted furniture

haunted furniture


haunted furniture
haunted furniture



  We've heard a lot about haunted houses and even people haunted by evil spirits, but can there be inanimate objects that are haunted like foundations, stuffed animals, or clocks? Some believe that buildings or furniture that is important to a person in his life or the property of a person who has suffered a great loss in his life that person remains attached to that property even after his death, and there are many people who claim that there are things they bought or inherited that were inhabited, and there is a large group of Those preserved in the John Zavis Museum of the Paranormal, and among the stories of the haunted foundation furniture, are the Story of the Style Baby Bed.

  The story of the haunted bed: 11-year-old Style was living with his family in a adobe house built in the early 1900s, and Style had older brothers, and when their father bought new mattresses for the bunk beds, one of the old ones became one of Style's own.

  Style had never heard any complaints from his brother, who slept on the same mattress before him, but Style found it to be a comfortable mattress. Sleeping and he was putting the blanket over his face when he felt that there were hands moving over the cover, and because the cover was thin, Stile could notice the shape of the person standing in front of his bed, it was a short person, and he was trying to lift the cover off Stile.

  And this was the beginning. Style, who was terrified, fell asleep, and at about two o'clock in the evening he felt a group of hands coming out of the mattress and pulling on him. Loudly while he was asleep, but the laughter was not his brother's.

  Style says that on the morning of that night he felt severe pain in his ribs in the places where the hands were pulling him, and so far he has not found any explanation for what happened to him that night! Haunted piano: Vicky says that all her life she wanted to own a piano, and her desire came true when her son brought her a piano that he found while working in cleaning services and collecting old furniture. her precious possessions.

  Several years had already passed without incident, and one day while Vicky was playing with her granddaughter, she heard the sound of the piano, random sounds coming out of the piano and had been echoing for at least 15 minutes, Vicki stooped to the balcony to see where the sounds came from, but when she opened the door The voices stopped, and Vicky said to herself, "It's definitely mice!" .

  Several weeks passed and one night at about two o'clock in the morning, Vicky woke up to the sound of the piano playing. She suspected the mice again, but this time she noticed that the playing sound was orderly, and it stopped and came back several times, as if someone was playing an orderly tune.

  This phenomenon was repeated regularly, until Vicki's daughter heard the same sounds, and her mother told her that she had been hearing these sounds for several months and that she almost cried when she heard them, and even Vicky's daughter-in-law heard the same piano playing on one occasion.

  In the end, Vicky decided to throw the piano outside her house, marking it as “free,” but she still wonders why this unknown playing.


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