Psychological blackmail

Psychological blackmail

You first need to know what psychological blackmail is, is the deliberate psychological harm done to you by a relative, perhaps a stranger, more likely a relative like a husband, a wife, or parents to their children.

The most important signs of blackmail are:

First, he starts to stalk you through the decisions you make in your personal life, and he starts to discredit them completely negatively in front of you, while frightening you to take the step.

Second, to accuse you and blame you for things you didn't do and to lie again until it becomes true so that you believe that you are the only person to blame.

Third, it makes your life a black drama that doesn't end, and it gets you into a spiral that you don't get out of, so you feel pressed and afraid of negative reactions or anger towards you, even the smallest and trivial things become huge and complicated.

Fourth, deliberately neglecting your feelings, instead of talking about what you feel, he begins to express himself and turn the rudder into him.

Fifth, you pretend that he is with you and close to you until you feel confused and hesitant about making the right decision and you are unable to say no.

Sixth, through your words, he learns your understanding so as to be easy to manipulate. Do not forget that he is a manipulative character, that he turns the truth around and vice versa. He is a good speaker who resorts to all means until he comes out victorious.

Seventh, it always tells you that you are inexperienced and unaware and that the blackmailer always has broad information and experiences while destroying your goals so that you do not reach anything and you become destructive and frustrated always live in a state of fear and panic of everything.

The eighth is to withdraw your feelings by giving you a hand at first, and then leave you with accusations that you are the problem, saying deliberately hurtful words in the form of funny humor, not committing any responsibility, stealing the light from you quickly if you get it from them. Of course, they use the weaknesses you tell them at the moment of weakness against you.

Methods of Handling Psychological Extortion

First, realizing what you're going through helps you understand what's going on with you at first.

 Second, don't make apologies and compromises for things you didn't do, just regret what you did.

Third, do not try to keep up with him in the conversation, you will not reach anything, focus on your responses with him only.

. Fourthly, if you can remove it from your life completely and avoid its return forever, because its harm is severe.

Fifthly, go to a psychiatrist to treat you from the effects of psychological blackmail on you and help you overcome it.

Sixth, you need to learn that everyone in this world deserves love, and that you don't deserve that equation, love is not harming others.

Psychologically blackmailed personality traits:

He will never accept a saying to whom he must blindly obey all his desires, ambitions and psychological needs, not feel secure, unfair or realistic, and loves to possess the feelings of others with intense jealousy as well as aggression and violence in dealing with them, possibly from a life partner or close friend.


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