The richest families in the world

The richest families in the world


The richest families in the world
The richest families in the world


In an era of huge personal wealth, in parallel with rising inequality and inequality; There doesn't seem to be much danger for wealthy families of having their big money squandered at the hands of new people anytime soon, especially these 25 richest families in the world.

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These families control leading entities in industries as diverse as chocolate, candy and fashion, and a group of grocery stores, hotels, data companies, and pharmaceutical factories, thus ensuring the diversification of sources of wealth and maintaining them at a level that exceeds the market value of the largest company in the world “Apple,” or all deposits in Citigroup, or even Indonesia's GDP.

The report says: "The fortunes of some families, such as the "Rockefellers" and "Rothschilds", are so widespread that it is difficult to count them, and the complex cumulative nature of these wealth backed by assets and profits dating back decades and sometimes centuries; leads to confusion in the process of calculating the total value Also, some families simply cannot verify whether or not the source of their money is from the state.



The Hearst family


She owns $24.5 billion

She works in the media

William Randolph Hearst laid the foundation for his family's fortune when he took over the San Francisco Examiner from his father in 1887.

The family is based in New York, has assets in A&E and ESPN networks, and owns credit rating agency Fitch Ratings.



The Hoffmann family


She owns $25.1 billion

Working in pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical maker Roche Holding was founded by entrepreneur Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche in 1986.

The family is based in Switzerland, and the grandchildren control 9% of the shares of the company, which generated revenues of $54.1 billion in 2017 thanks to anti-tumors.



Duncan family


She owns $26.0 billion

It operates in natural gas and oil

The Oil Pipeline Company was launched by Dan Duncan in 1968.

Duncan died in 2010, and the company is run by his family based in Houston, Texas.



- Dassault family


She owns $27.8 billion

It works in a variety of industries

Dassault's business empire includes military aircraft factories, media companies, real estate and software.



- Johnson family


She owns $28.2 billion

It works on household products

Five successive generations contributed to building SC Johnson, but the journey was started by Samuel Johnson in 1882.



The Thomson family


She owns $30.9 billion

She works in the media

Canada's richest family built its business in the early 1930s when Roy Thompson opened a radio station in Ontario, before becoming the country's main newspaper owner within five years.



- The Rausing family


She owns $30.9 billion

It works in packaging

The family fortune was made possible by the innovator of carton packaging, which was founded in the 1950s by Robin Rausing in Sweden.



- Lee Company


She owns $30.9 billion

Working in consumer electronics

Lee Byung-chul started Samsung's business in 1938 in South Korea, and the company is now known as the world's largest producer of smart phones.


The Pritzker family


She owns $33.5 billion

She works in hotels

The son of Ukrainian immigrant Abram Nicholas Pritzker began investing in real estate and troubled businesses while working for his father's law firm in Chicago in the 1930s.

The sons founded the Hyatt hotel chain in 1957, and the family is still based in Chicago until now.


- The Cox family


Owns $33.6 billion

Works in communications and vehicles

The group's revenues are about $20 billion annually, and its communications unit is the third largest terrestrial communications company in the United States.

James Cox founded the company in 1898.


- Kwok family


Owns $34.0 billion

working in real estate

Kwok Tak-Seng listed his company in the stock exchange in 1972, and it has since become one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong.


- The Molise family


She owns $37.5 billion

Works in consumer retail

Founded by Gerard Molise in 1961, Auchan is known as Wal-Mart France, and it is one of the largest grocery store chains in Europe now.


The Albrecht family


Owns 38.8 billion dollars

Works in consumer retail

German brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht took over their parents' grocery store after returning home after World War II, turning it into Aldi.

- After a dispute between them in the sixties, there are two branches: "Aldi Nord" and "Aldi Sud", and together they own more than 10,000 stores now.


The Boehringer family


She owns $42.2 billion

working in medicine

The German drugmaker was founded in 1885 by Albert Boehringer, and more than 130 years later his family still controls the company.


Kargil family


She owns $42.3 billion

She works in the food industry

The family controls a majority stake in the company, which was established by "William Cargill", who began trading in commodities in 1865 in Iowa, USA.


The Quandt family


She owns $42.7 billion

She works in the automotive field

Herbert Quandt helped transform BMW from a struggling company into one of the world's largest luxury vehicle makers.

The children control the company, and they are currently residing in Munich, Germany.


- Ambani family


She owns $43.4 billion

She works in the oil industries

- Zaheer Ambani laid the foundation stone for his company in India in 1957.

He died in 2002, and his son takes over the management of the company in Mumbai, which owns the largest oil refining complex in the world.


The Wertheimer family


She owns $45.6 billion

She works in luxury goods

The company was founded in 1920 by the grandfather of two brothers, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, who now dominate it and are based in Paris.


The Dumas family


She owns $49.2 billion

She works in luxury goods

Jean-Louis Dumas, who died in 2010, is credited with transforming the company into a global giant in the field of luxury fashion.



- Van Damme, de Mphius, de Spelbrech


She owns $54.1 billion

working in drinks

The company is the product of a joint venture of three Belgian families whose roots date back to the fourteenth century, and is currently based in Belgium.



- Mars family


Owns 89.7 billion dollars

She works in sweets

The company was founded by Frank Mars, and his famous brands include Milky Way, Mars Bars, and M&M's, which account for nearly half of the company's $35 billion annual revenue.



- Kok family


Owns $98.7 billion

She works in the oil industries

Brothers Frederick, Charles, David and William inherited the oil refining company from their father, Fred.

After a family feud, Frederick and William left the family business, and since then the company has grown to $100 billion in annual revenue.



- The Walton family


Owns 151.5 billion dollars

Works in consumer retail

Walmart is the world's largest retailer by revenue, generating $500 billion annually from 12,000 stores around the world.



The Rockefeller family


Owns 341 billion dollars

The emperor of the oil industry in the nineteenth century, who founded an economic family that became among the most powerful in the world.

Forbes magazine classified - according to its standards and vision - "David Rockefeller" as the "richest man in history" with a fortune close to 1.5% of US GDP in 1937, equivalent to today's weighted prices of 340-400 billion dollars.

It is noted here that although the American courts accused Rockefeller of a monopoly and decided to dismantle his empire, the family still had influence or even the upper hand in companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, British Petroleum and other oil companies that are considered The family's most prominent sphere of influence, a large proportion of their wealth is kept secret.



- The Rothschilds


You own 500 trillion dollars

She works in the field of money and bonds

The family's origins go back to German Isaac Elchanan Rothschild, who founded the powerful Rothschild Empire, one of the richest families in the world. Prior to his death, Isaac held the position of honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research in London. Rothschilds managed to build a huge international banking empire in the 1860s, by sending his sons to the most prominent countries of Europe. Since then, the family has acquired a large share of the economies of Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Portugal.

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